SPAH goers and Roommates neede

When and where is SPAH and how much to attend.

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Winslow Yerxa <76450.3230@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >TO: internet:harp-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx > >I forgot to say in my last message -
> >Those who are going to the SPAH convention and who are looking to >room
with someone to save money could speak up here. We've Got >Chris (Pierce and
Michalek). Anyone else?

Chris and I (Chris) are going to be staying together (with at least one other

But if anyone else out there in Harp-L land is going and needs a roomie, then
send us a post so maybe someone else who needs a roomie can get in touch with

Here's who I know is going:

Jim Dinkey Jack Ely Kim Field Chris Michalek George Miklas Winslow Yerxa Chris

That's all that I know of so far, kind of a short list....  Any one else???

=:) Chris

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