Carey Bell

The Carey Bell show at the Peanut Barrel in Bloomington was great. He did
two sets and sounded very good. His band really complimented him well.
There was a little problem with feed back caused a little bit by a new
sound system operator at the bar. What was really nice was when Carey moved
into the audience for a couple of numbers. One time he used some sort of
battery powered mic I guess because there was no cord and he wandered
around the whole place blowin' away. He had this one sound (note?) that
sounded like some sort of UFO and just wailed on it for awhile. He was
playing with the harp player from the wamr up band at the time. He just
rolled his eyes, said WOW! and when back to his own trills! Carey was the
king for the night, but was nice about taking the throne! See him if you
get the chance. 


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