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<From sometime in March...

>The on-line All-Music guide can be reached by gopher or Mosaic at
>  Using gopher just give the gopher command and
>the Internet address; using Mosaic select the open button and fill in
>the information gopher:// in the dialog box.  Here
>follows the info page for "About All-Music", then follows the entry
>for Carey Bell.  The latter gives you an idea how extensive the
>entries can be. <deleted> 
>        --Charlie

Seems this was inaccessible the last couple weeks - was it just me??? - I think 
I recall others on this list having problems with it too.

Anyway I just got on the All-Music guide a few minutes ago - seems AOK.
I recieved my first issue of MississippiSaxophone Saturday. Boy do I have a lot 
of reading to do! HIP, Harmonica Educator, MS - I love it!  :-)

Tim, Thanks for the autograph. Pretty sneaky.

      Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio  -new address->  SYS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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