Re: Harp Synthesizers

On Fri, 10 Jun 1994, Jim Ryan wrote:
> 	Are there such things as harp synthesizers?  I heard a
> Eurithmics song this morning (Original Sin?) that had some good harp and
> it sounded like it was being processed somehow.  Would it be miked
> through a processor or are there mike/synth combos available?
> Later,
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What you _may_ have heard, (I really never payed attention to any harp in 
that song) is a pedal which uses octave shifts.  I just sold a Boss OC-2 
Octave down pedal, which adds a synthesized tone one or two octaves below 
the original signal.  It's a single line tracking unit, so chords confuse 
it, and the octave tones bear no relation to the original tone of the 
harp.  Octave up and octave distortion pedals (Re: The New Experience 
pedal) also exist.

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