Re: Chromatic Instructions?


  in addition to the already mentioned book from Tommy Morgan, which I like
a lot, I have a few more that might be of interest:

The Tommy Reilly Harmonica Course, by Tommy Reilly and James Moody, book and
  cassette, published by M. Hohner Ltd, London, UK, 1969.
  I ordered this from Hohner USA in 89 and it was then $15.95 (code HM777).

The Right Way To Play The Chromatic Harmonica, by James Reilly, published by
  Hohner Ltd, London, UK, printed in 1983.
  Again, I got this from Hohner USA in 89 and it was $7.95 (code H2055).
Methode generale pour harmonica diatonique et chromatique, by Albert Raisner,
  in French, published by Hohner S.A. (France), revised 1989.
  I bought this one in a music store in Montreal last year; lots of popular
  and folk european music.

  In another publication from Hohner, I saw titles of instruction and music
for chromatic and diatonic harmonicas, as well as for their octave and
tremolo tuned and bass harmonicas.  These titles are german and can probably
be obtained from Hohner AG.  Any word on these Winslow?

  I hope this helps,


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