RE: Harmonica Heaven and the SPAH Convention

Jack Ely <SYS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>the SPAH Convention?
>I will be there


>Chris - funny you should should mention this - I was thinking the other day it 
>would be nice if us HARP-Lers could all get together somehow - maybe for 
>breakfast some morning? Anyone have any ideas - time - place? 

Sounds cool.  Uuh, I really won't know where ANYTHING is...I was kind
of hoping to latch onto Kim or Winslow's belt loop for the week (maybe
get one of those Phonecord leashes to lead me around with).... =:)

>Any suggestions how we can identify ourselves?

Ooh...another good thought.  I'll be the guy with short dark hair,
wearing Umbro shorts, a tee-shirt and a pair of Indoor Soccer shoes.
Surely there can't be TOO many like ME there.... =:)  (I guess we
should put SOME serious thought into that...I'll think about it).

>I'd offer to split a room with you but my wife & possibly my two sons will be 
>going too.

DAD!!!  Just would probably be a bit crowded if you
decided to adopt me for the week. =:)  (wow this post is just full of

>BTW - I got a kick out of your reply to my new club announcement - Hardin 
>County, OH & KY, Bowling Green, OH & KY -- I'm sure you are aware of the 

Yea, I'm funny like that sometimes (here's one more for you) =:)

>Harmonicas of Louisville club, unfortunately 100 miles may be a little out of 
>reach. Here is the address in case you don't have it.
>		Harmonicas of Louisville
>		516 Dale Ave.
>		Louisville, KY
>		Pete Lang

Cool.  Truthfully, I did Not know about that.  Louisville is not too
far from Home, Elizabethtown (isn't there one of those in Indiana?),
only 45 miles.  But from BG, which is where I spend MOST of my time,
it's a bit far.

Thanks for the info Jack....  We will DEFINITELY have to get together
at the Convention (along with any other Harp-Lers that we can find).


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