RE: Chromatic Instructions?


>All you chrom players,

>I need advice on instructional stuff: tapes and books on chromatic playing at 
>the intermediate level. Any suggestions much appreciated.


Tommy Morgan's "Chromatic Harmonica Method"  HF-2004

Gwyn Publishing Co. - Warner Bros. Publications Inc.
75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York 10019

This was copyrighted 1972 - so I don't know how good the address is - but it's 
still the best book on chromatic I have ever seen. Check a good music store or 
sheet music house. It may still be in print - in fact I'm curious whether it 
is. Also contains brief section on chord and bass harmonica.

--- I just called Stanton's Music (Columbus) and they say it is in print - 
however now by Alfred's publishing - Catalog number 3341 - It would be my guess 
this is a re-print of the same or very similar book. They do not have it in 
stock otherwise I would stop in and check it out. ---- 
BTW - They take phone / mail orders...
 Stanton's Sheet Music (614)224-4257, 339 S. 4th St., Columbus, OH 43215
--- F & R Farrell is a good source for instruction books/tapes but I don't know 
if he has the Tommy Morgan book.

	Talk to Richard Martin (on this list) - I think he has some printed 
chromatic materials - and also ask him about his personalized cassette lessons.

							Good luck, Jack

        Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio U.S.A.      ely.j@xxxxxxxxxxxxx@pmdf

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