Re: Free Copy of Newsletter - part II

nks for you response concering the subscription.

  I wanted to try something out on you...

As the head of the Santa Clara Valley Harmonica Club (California),
I have been negotiating with the SPAH organization and a travel agent
and a headliner/instructor to have a cruise to Alaska on the
Holand-American line in June of 1995.

The cruise will be the usual nice scenery and attractions, and
in addition, I will have about 10 to 12 hours of professional 
instruction, a show or two, a shop, and more.

I'm asking SPAH for endorsement and some support, but I also thought 
that it might be appropriate to ask those on the Internet if they
had any interest.

What would be the appropriate forum to post such a opportunity?

What are your suggestions abnout the proper way to do it and
to get the word out?

Your thoughts are encouraged.


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