Re: Buzzing Chromatic

A couple of things may be causing the problem..

Take a small screwdrive and lift the upper valve from the lower valve.  The
saliva condensation acts like glue after it drys.  The top part of the valve
may be sticking to the lower part of the valve.  Take a "Q" tip and dip it in
Alcohol and gently wipe the valves and run the metal around the reed slot.
 If you have been playing the harmonica alot, it probably needs clearning
along with each one of valves.  Just swipe with Alcohol.  It drys very fast.
 As a last resort, just remove the valve and replace it with a new one.  Be
sure that the valve is center squarly over the reed slot, or you will not get
a good response from the reed.  Always tap your harmonica after you are
finished playing.  That removes some of  the saliva that accomuates on the
valves during the time you are playing.  What model of harmonica is this?

Richard Martin

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