Re: SBS's Anyone?

i for one play them.  i did in fact respond about the a having the 
highest last note.  a c# 4 octaves above middle c.  i just wish they were 
available in a better body than the 365 marine band.  they're next to 
impossible to tune on the high end.  the a i got was tuned to the wrong 
note value on the last two blow holes.  the whole harmonica needed 
tuning right out of  the box.  the action of all the notes needed 
resetting also.  i wish hohner would at least use screws instead of nails 
to put these things together with.  my two favourite keys of sbs are the 
a and f.  i like these because you get the low octave with the f and the 
high one with the a without giving up any other notes and playability.  i 
was talking to joe filisko about the sbs's and he doesn't like them.  he 
doesn't like 365's in general.  he didn't say why.  fjm

On Tue, 7 Jun 1994 ted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Harpers,
> Doesn't anybody use the SBS? I've asked a few times about these harps and 
> gotten little or no feedback. Sure would like to discuss the pros and cons 
> with someone who uses them. I love my G, but would like to have one in a 
> higher, brighter key, so I could get that really hard and fast attack at 
> the low end. I also have a C, which is lower than the G. Does this mean 
> that A is the highest? (I'm trying to determine which to buy next.) 
> Help profoundly appreciated.
> Ted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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