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Ted feels like a lonely voice crying in the wilderness when he
brings up the SBS. I believe I've replied to some of his plaints
in the past, but here's some info.

C is the lowest regular key of SBS (Hole 1 blow is an octave
below a regular C harp).

In ascending order of pitch, we get D, F, G and A, the highest.

Hole 1 on the C, D and F are an octave below regular pitch, while
Hole 1 onthe G and A are the same as regular pitch.

Bear in mind that the "regular" tuning doesn't start until Hole 4
- Holes 1, 2 and 3 are the extended "basement" range. This makes
the regular tuning on the C, D, and F fall in the normal range,
while on the G and A it falls in the piccolo range.

Hohner will make, on demand in lots of 200 or more, special
versions. There are some low A's and low G's floating around. I
have a low G given to me by Norman Ives (my British distributor),
and it's a gas to play.

Of course, extra high keys could also be made, or keys like Bb,
as long as there is enough demand to pay for a lot of 200. Norman
Ives and Kevin's Harps are now collaborating on Transatlantic
product distribution, so interested parties could start a

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