Re: SBS's Anyone?

  I bought an SBS in F and that's a high pitched key.  I specifically 
wanted it in a high key because then I'd still have the lower sounding 
tones that the SBS affords.  I like playing the SBS on my own because the 
extra chords allows you to set up interesting rhythms that you can then 
lead from in between bars.

  The SBS does take some getting used to because it is a physically 
bigger instrument, but other than that, I think it sounds fine, just like 
a Marine Band.  I think preserving the Richter tuning makes it easier to 
learn than Hohner's version of the 14-hole harp which simple repeats the 
scale once you get past hole 10.

  I've initiated a discussion about SBSs a while back and Winslow had 
some great postings, including ASCII layouts of the notes of the SBS and 
the 365 (Hohner's 14-hole).  Plow the archives!


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