Re: Blues Harp Extravaganza in Minneapolis

> >*Harvey are you Comin'?*
> It's lookin' good.  Good luck, and look forward to seein' you.  Don B, are
> you in?
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> Harvey A. Andruss, III                  email: haandruss@xxxxxxx

I'm profoundly sorry that I had to miss it. Especially after hearing
about the planned performance of Coltrain's _Giant Steps_. I was
obligated to chaperone a junior high school dance that my daughter
was attending.

How was the event? I'm anxious to hear a review.
I also didn't know about the monday blues jam at Wiskey Junction, I've
stopped by the Viking bar for thier 'Blue Monday' open jam  a few times
and will have to check out Wiskey's.


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