Re: Blues Harp Extravaganza in Minneapolis

On Thu, 2 Jun 1994 haandruss@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Chris M. I think checks in on this list once and a while.  

I'm here all the time but usually as a lurker since I never really have
anything to say that hasn't already been said
> RJ Mischo played just about every bar in the TC area in the last month (new
> CD time? 8-), warmed up for Jr. Wells a few weeks back and does one
> Saturday afternoon jam session a month at 5 Corners for the local Blues
> Society.  I guess you could say he's committed. 
RJ is a nice guy and a very good player.  For anyone whomever comes
through town.   He leads a blues jam at Whiskey Junction every monday.  A
real traditional player that doesn't seem to have a schlong problem.  In
fact I think he and Mojo will be riding to Memphis with me in July.  

The Blues harp extravaganza is not a sclong thing at all really its a show
where all of us can get together and show what we are really about.
Tonight is the night where we can play our own stuff.  

*Harvey are you Commin'?*

-Chris Michalek

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