Tongue blocking

I had been playing using lip puckering and had become fairly comfortable. 
Then I picked up Mel-Bay's Folk & Blues Harmonica (by Heaps-Nelson
After hearing the tape I decided to work with tongue blocking.  I've done
all right--until trying some fiddle tunes.  Now this may not be the subject
of the day, but I have a real problem.  I can't get through Gary Owen more
than once before I slobber all over the couch.  Is there a cure for this, or
is social unacceptability the price I pay for playing the harp?
  BTW  After reading all the posts on harmonica repair, I was inspired to
take apart one of my blown out harmonicas, play around with it and put it
back together.  It sounds worse that it did before, but I'm quite pleased
I've overcome my terror of DISASSEMBLY.  Thanks for the inspiration.

        Rhonda not Louis

Louis Rieser  
	relaxing in the hills of 
 			Greenfield, MA

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