I'm new to the list.  I grabbed the archive files from may and june and 
read them.  Interesting stuff.  I'm wondering has there ever been a 
thread relating to tube amplifiers/amplified harmonica playing?  In 
talking to tom ellis of tom's mic's he said that he'd heard that kim 
wilson used a gibson ga-90 amplifier on tiger man.  This is a 6 8" 
speaker tube amp.  does anyone know if that's what he actually used?  
does anyone out there play through  one? is the subject of amplifiers ok 
or should i find an amp-l mail list :).

The john popper stuff was pretty interesting.  i've got to say he's good 
but not as good as he thinks he is.  He'd get eaten alive walking into 
several clubs and jamming here.  lots of notes no tone.  i'm a walter 
horton fan myself.  tone tone tone.  if you aint got no tone you aint got 
no soul.  flame me if you want.  it's all subjective.  sorry for the 
previous double posting it bounced back and got re-sent due to an 
inaccurate address in the header that i just re-used.  fjm

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