Re: QC

On returning harps:

Hohner was always good about correcting problems at no charge, or at worst you 
paid the shipping. I haven't had any recent dealings with them though - have 
they changed? I know they don't want to be a harmonica laundry service but if 
you have a problem I think they will fix it.

I'm normally satisfied with new harps purchased - I have learned to make the 
sometimes necessary minor adjustment - but I think if you are unhappy with a 
new harp and don't feel comfortable working on it yourself then it should be 
returned to the manufacturer.

Some music stores will even do this for you - especially if you paid retail or 
close to retail prices. I wouldn't expect this from someone who gives me a 40% 
discount. A music store I used to deal with (now out of business due to 
retirement) gave me 10% off but wouldn't budge any further - saying they could 
not afford to be a discount house and give the customer service they took pride 
in. They dealt with Hohner directly on any problems. I.e., - they returned 
harps for repair and paid the postage.

On quality and automated manufacturing:

One thing AM should give us is consistency - hopefully on the good side. Hohner 
admits having bugs in the finishing stages. They still do fine tuning by hand.

BTW - Harmonica Happenings (SPAH's newsletter) had a write up about Hohner's
CX-12 chromatic. Hohner won the very prestigious annual engineering award from 
Design Center Stuttgart. An honor usually bestowed on the likes of BMW and 
Mercedes Benz automobiles, Zeiss lenses and Braun appliances.

        Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio U.S.A.      ely.j@xxxxxxxxxxxxx@pmdf

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