Re: electric harp question

Depends on what you want to do.  Until recently I've always preferred 
miking my amps. Have you seen Gerald Weber's new book?  A desktop 
reference of hip vintage guitar amps.  On page 218 he describes a 
resistor network that attaches to the speaker terminals and has a 1/4" 
phone jack on the other end.  I've been using this lately on my 59 
Bassman with good results.  The tone seems purer, more like the amp 
sounds by itself.  The other benefit of course is no feedback problems 
from the pa mic.  If you play through tube amplifiers I cannot reccommend 
this book enough.  It's available from Kendrick amplifiers (512)990-5486 
Pflugerville TX.  fjm 

On Fri, 3 Jun 1994 jesmith%nhqvax.dnet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Is it better to "line out" from an amp (using it as a pre-amp) to a
> PA or to mike to amp through the PA, assuming one wants the benefits of
> the amp sound and to go through the PA.

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