Harmonica Font

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As of Thursday afternoon, I've had five responses so far to my
harp font announcement, some private, some public.

Two regarding the price.

  - One who simply asked the price

  - One who wants it to be free of charge

One enthusing about the Postscript aspect

Two from other font designers

  - One who has already attempted it and had problems.

  - Another who hadn't thought of it, but decided to pop up in a
    "me-too" fashion and breezily proposed that it would be
    simple to dash off a TrueType version and would I mind
    terribly if he copied my idea and gave it away for nothing.

I haven't decided yet about pricing - or whether it will be free
- or whether it will be free in some form or circumstance and not
in others. I'm thinking about the various ways shareware is

Probably the fairest way to deal with the pricing issue would be
to have a public domain version, which is not to be used for
profit - this means any paid excahnge of goods or services,
including music copying for professional purposes and any form of
paid publication, or for incorporation into other products - and a
paid version, which may be used for things like copying parts and
publishing magazines, and will have something of added value not
found in the public domain version.

By the way, Harmonica Sans Serif will be original from the ground
up. It's easy to rip off characters from existing fonts to make
your own. It's even legal to some extent. However, Harmonica Sans
Serif, in its final form, will contain no borrowed materials.
This isn't about font tracing. It's about an original design for
a specific purpose.

More feedback, public and private, will be helpful. Any wish
lists on specific things you'd like a harmonica font to do? I've
got my own very definite ideas already built in, but I'm not the
only person who will use this.


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