Winslow's Harp Font

Tim Moody wrote:
> Harp Font,
> Sounds great but......... 
> : Contact me for pricing and availability.
> Ouch. 
> Winslow, you could do a real service to the harmonica community by
> making this a public domain font. If it costs, only the true blue harp buffs
> will use it. If it is PD, EVERYONE and their mother will download it and
> give it a try.
> Anyone else!

It takes a lot of skill and time to make a font, particularly if:

	It will be available as a Type 1 Postscript font, and as a
	Truetype font for the Windows, OS/2 and Macintosh environments.
	It will work with all printers supported by Adobe Type Manager
	(Mac or Windows) and by the Windows environment.  Special
	versions can be custom ordered for use with DOS programs such
	as WordPerfect.

I think Winslow has every right to be compensated for his efforts.
Tim, I don't think your argument of a lot of people casually using the font
is persuasive.

--Marc Dashevsky

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