Re: Harp Font

I too have created a windows harp font, but I am
having some trouble with it. I use the Font Editor
that comes with MSVC and created the font copying
a fixed font. I used the style of a hole number
with an arrow underneath it showing blow or draw
and the arrow of the tail bent for 1/2, full or
1-1/2 bends.
I create the FNT file ok and then using masm made
the stub. The file links ok and the RC command 
seems to work, but I can't get windows to see
the font.
If I can get this to work I'll put the thing
out in the Public Domain on my BBS. Then we can
all put our thoughts in proper notation.
Please reply direct and not through the list. I don't
think Harp-L is good place for techie windows
internals stuff.
     Keith Graham

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