Re: An easier instrument to play?

Well, I certainly prefer the lower keys (Bb, A). But then again, my harps tend to
sound and play better when I play them a lot, so it is a bit of a self reinfor-
cing thing. 
Famous harpplayers seem to have their favorite keys as well, Little Walter, for
example plays a lot in Bb (correct me if I'm wrong). But of course, that could 
also be because of other instruments in the band.

I think, however, that there are some techniques that are easier in certain keys,
one way or another I prefer low bends on low (A, Bb) harps and blow bends on 
high harps (D, E). Is this generally so, or is it just me and my harps?

Anyway, my 0.1 francs (I'm in Belgium now) worth,
Bart de Boer

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