Harp Mics

Greetings All,

This is my first post to the Harp-L group... so bear with me if I mess up

I'm interested in any information/discussion about harp mics.  Actually,
I'm interested in finding out what pots/capacitors/resistors might be
in mics like the New Astatic, the BluesBlaster, and Rod Piazza's custom
Hot Rod.  I had heard that there was some type of 'tone circuit' in
the Hot Rod... I assume this is some simple capacitor/resistor combination.

Has anyone looked inside these things?

Also, how are the volume pots wired up?  I was wondering if it made
any difference which side the voltage divider was hooked up to, the
mic element or the amp side.

Also, how are the BluesBlasters and Astatics (and Shakers) wired when
they have an XLR connector?  Are they low impedance, i.e., do you have
to use a transformer or just an adaptor to get it to standard 1/4"?

What are the impedance of these different mics.?

Are any more or less prone to feedback?

Anybody played around w/the wiring on the re-issue Green Bullets?
Mine was hot as hell (and fed back a bunch) wired for high impedance...
which seemed like the way you were *supposed* to hook it up.  Then,
I wired it up with the low impedance wire and it worked MUCH better.
Much less feedback.  Has anybody noticed/tried this?

I got the archives from the group, but I couldn't find this level
of detail.

Elliott New

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