Re: Newbie Seeking advice

    As mentioned in the last response, the Gindick books are pretty good 
    for getting the beginner started.  A guy named David Harp also sels 
    some beginner boks.  After working through one of those, though, I'd 
    really recommend sitting down with someone who plays the harp, either a 
    teacher or a friend, and learning from him. Unlike an instrument like 
    the piano, there is just so much that is unwritten about  the harp.  If 
    you respond with where you're from, someone might be able to recommend 
    an instructor on your area.  The other thing to do as a beginner is to 
    just play around with the harp and have fun with it.  Try to create 
    your own sounds, and try to imitate what you hear on records.
    For more advanced help, check out winslow's mag HIP, or Steve Baker's 
    Harp Handbook.  Also Kevin's Harps sells an instructional tape by Gary 
    Primich that I liked a lot.
    As far as the question about tongue blocking, I'd really hate to raise 
    a big flame on Harp-l over it.  Almost all good players use both 
    methods.  The tone you achieve from each is quite different(I'm not 
    going to get into which I think is better).  Also tongue blocking 
    allows you to play octaves and to vamp your tongue on and off the harp 
    for interesting rhythmic effects.  The disadvantages of it are that 
    your tongue is no longer free for accents like ta-ta-ta, its harder(for 
    some) to hit the high blow bends, and I don't know anyone who can 
    overblow with a tongue block, not to say it can't be done.  I use both 
    methods, switching back and forth cosntantly within a tune, to get the 
    tone and rhytmic effect I need.
    Lastly, You mentioned Howard Levy's style turned you on to the harp.  
    He has a video out on Homespun that delves into how he plays the harp.  
    Its called New Directions for Harmonica, or something like that.  
    Defintiely worth checking out.

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