Re: Newbie seeking advice

I was similarly attracted to the harmonica a few years ago, and was able to 
obtain a degree of proficiency and a lot of enjoyment from teaching myself.
I used a book/tape published by Klutz Press called something like 
"Harmonica for the Musically Hopeless".  It included a Honer Pocket Pal
 harp, a tape to play along to, and many classic beginner tunes and lots
 of good tips and instruction.  All for around $12.00 - a real good deal as 
far as I am concerned.  The author of the book is Jon? Gindick? I believe.

Question to others:  In the above method I learned the "single note pucker"
to play individual notes on the harp.  But I have noticed that other methods
(even those put out by Honer) teach a tounge block method where the tounge
blocks out the undesired holes and forces the air to desired hole.  The
question:  is one method used more than the other?  Which is considered 
correct - or is it up to the player?  Pros and cons for either method?
I don't plan to change what I have learned because it has suited my needs,
but it would be good to know what more experienced players think.

Thanks for any input,	-D. Jonas

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