Museum Display

Hi all.  Just want to ramble a bit.

I was off work yesterday and decided to go daytripping in
Washington DC.  I went to the Smithsonian's American History museum.
By coincidence, my feet took me directly to the Musical Instruments
section and WHOA!! check out the harmonica display!  Too cool.  
Impressive harp collection, most date back 50 or more years.  They 
even have a Lee Oscar Harp in there.  B&W pictures of the great 
harmonica players displayed.  Check it out if you're in the area.

After my band gig last Saturday night I was putting my harps in my
case and a friend from *way* back (high school 1978) approached me 
and we were reminiscing about the time he let me check out his Marine
Band on a bus trip from Connecticut.  My first "lesson".  Today he
only plays now and then and I've been jammin with bands ever since
that bus trip.  Who'd think that the roles would be reversed as I 
was explaining my setup to him.  I could tell by the way he was 
looking at the harp that he wished he kept up his playing.  Next 
time if he gets there early I'll surprise him and ask if he wants 
to sit in with us.

Oh yea before I forget, thanks Jack Ely for the post on vibrato 
(Basic Chromatic Harmonica).  I'd like to see more of those type 
of "instructional" articles posted.  Really answered a number of
questions I've had.

					Carolyn Mayr

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