Re: making a marine band playable ?

On Tue, 6 Dec 1994, Paul R. Goulden wrote:

> I like the sound of marine bands a lot - but if only they had a good seal 
> and the wood didn't end up shooting out the front eveytime you play it. 
> And then retreating afterwards , leaving a gap big enough for you to 
> loose a small car down.
> Any tips on making one of these playable - like treating the wood to stop 
> the expansion ?
> Come on, spill the beans. Give me Information .....

 Randy's response: Get a Hohner Special 20 instead. Much better air seal 
(since I'm a pucker player, that's important). Most of my heroes play 
Marine Bands but I've always preferred the Special 20s or the Golden 
Melodys (not to mention Lee Oskars and even Huang Silvertones over the 
Marine Bands). But of course, such opinions are the reasons God created 
more than one kind of harp :)

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