Re: Primal harp?

On Mon, 5 Dec 1994, Bruce Steinberg wrote:

> I've been wondering -- what is everyone's first recollection of
> ever just ~being aware~ of harmonicas?  Not necessarily playing
> one, but just getting turned on to the concept in general.

I was four or five years old when I had my first experience with the 
harmonica. At the time I was being baby sat by an older couple.  The old 
man in the house had two harmonicas that he never played.  One day I 
found them in a drawer and just started blowing,  the next thing I knew I 
got my hand slapped for playing.  So the next day I decided to bring it 
home to play.  My dad knew that I had taken from the babysitter's house 
and made me ride my bike over to return it immediately.
Later that year my dad gave me one for Christmas.  It was a key of C 
Golden Melody.  Also that year my babysitter gave me a harmonica for 
x-mas.  A Marine Band key of G!  Wow so now I have two harmonicas(that I 
still have them.)

I don't remember playing them too much until I was about 13 or so when my 
old babysitter(I no loger needed one at this point in my life) had passed 
away and his wife gave me both of his harmonicas to remember him by.  
Apparently I used to steal them every chance I got so she deemed it an 
appropriate souvenier of my long days with them.

After that day my eyes were opened to the world of the harmonica.  I had 
realized that most of my uncles and my gradfather had them. Every year 
for the past ten years, since my 13th birthday and x-mas I have gotten a new 
harmonica. Wow! so now I guess I have a few hundred harps. I guess I was 
destined to blow harp...

-Chris Michalek

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