Re: Primal harp?

>I've been wondering -- what is everyone's first recollection of
>ever just ~being aware~ of harmonicas?  Not necessarily playing
>one, but just getting turned on to the concept in general.
I remember riding in the car with my mom when I was in fourth grade and the
old Aerosmith song, "Big Ten Inch" came on the air.  I sat that and just
tuned into the sound of Steven Tylor's harp, and fell in love with that raw
and dirty sound.  It was right around my birthday so I asked for one.  Ma
got me a Special 20 in A.  I played it and didn't like how I sounded.  I
would never be Steven Tylor.  I tried to return it, an it was then that I
knew. . .once you put your lips to a harp, you're trapped for life.

Does anyone remember the first time you bent a note?  For me that was a
much more significant day. . .

<From the harp,

ben 'magic'

Ben Majchrzak
Northwestern University
Evanston, Il.

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