Kim Wilson at Bottom Line

I saw Kim Wilson at the Bottom Line in NYC Satuday
Night. The show was great. I can in late to the first
set. It cost me $15.00 and I got to see about 30
minutes of Kim before they emptied the place and
brought in the second set crowd. I gave the manager
a sob story about how I missed most of the set and
he let me stay.

The show was filmed for CBS Good Morning Sunday and
will air in March as part of a show which talks 
about making Chess Studios into a museum. There
will be other blues artists and a few clips of Muddy.

Kim did some fantastic stuff, including a Sonny Boy
tribute and a long Pocket Rocket where he did all
of his stunt work. If you don't like blues you may
consider going to see Kim Wilson anyway for the
challenging tricks he uses. For instance at one point
he was playing melody out the left side of his mouth
and rhythm out the right side. Like Mark Twain said
about Wagner: It's better than it sounds. The
effect was a little muddy, but it is wild that he can
do it at all. He went on for about 20 minutes just
doing stunts.

He did a Jimmy Reed style song where he walks through
the audience playing accoustic up on the high end. He
combined this with hand gestures to emphasize the
expressiveness of this method. It was a conversation
or so it seemed where he was talking to his girl,
begging here not to leave him.

At 2 AM, walking back towards 6th avenue to get
the car, there were harmonicas everywhere. There was
a distinguished gray haired guy - well dressed with
a date, dressed to the nines. I remember thinking that
they were out of place in the grungy yuppie looking 
crowd. We were walking behind them and he pulls out a
harp and seems to trying the both sides of his mouth 

I managed to smuggle in a tape recorder and I've been
playing the tape ever since. My reaction is to throw
away the harps. Kim Wilson says everything I want to
say and he says it better.

Don't miss Kim Wilson.


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