Primal harp?

I've been wondering -- what is everyone's first recollection of
ever just ~being aware~ of harmonicas?  Not necessarily playing
one, but just getting turned on to the concept in general.

Westerns?  Prison movies?  Stage acts?  Christmas stocking
stuffers?  "Love Me Do"?  Friends or family?  Old records?
New records?  HARP-L?  Living over a blues joint?  John Popper?

I'll start:  I remember actually seeing Johnny Puleo with the
Harmonica Rascals live at the old Roxy in NY and digging his
cowboy chaps (sorry, George, et al -- I was a ~real little kid~
at the time ;-) but also being impressed that such a little guy
could play such a big instrument -- whatever it was. :)

I also remember the first "harmonica" I ever played being a
harp-shaped candy container made of wax that actually made notes
when you blew (or was that sucked?) on it.  (Anyone else remember
these puppies?)  I didn't pick up a Marine Band for another 20
years or so, but you never forget your first love (or the taste
of that wax :).  B*

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