no Toots/angles

Months ago I wrote in to say that Toots Thielemans was scheduled
to perform at the Kennedy Center on December 2. Well, he didn't
end up on the final billing -- he had cancelled in early
September, after the advertisements went out -- due to health
problems. I was quite disappointed. The concert organizers said
that he will not be touring this year, although they're going to
try to get him again sometime. 

I consoled myself by listening to a Thielmans tape I found as a 
99 cent cut out at a record store. I don't know that it has a 
title -- it has a bunch of eyeglasses on the cover. Anyway, I was 
trying to imitate Toots' "Bye Bye Blackbird" on a Marine Band, when 
I started playing my harp at different angles and I noticed I 
could get a crisper, louder sound if I held it at an angle (using 
a clock as a model, I was holding it at 10:20 rather than at 

We've had discussions on playing the harp upside down and inside 
the mouth, but what can people share on angles?

--Janet Lieberman

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