Re: Breathing or sucking?

>>>>> "Winslow" == Winslow Yerxa <76450.3230@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Winslow> Karl Storck describes his notebending attempts, and notes that if
    Winslow> he breathes he gets a clear tone but can't bend, while he can
    Winslow> bend if he sucks but gets a lousy tone.

    Winslow> First off, you should definitely breath from the lungs and not
    Winslow> suck with the mouth. That's the only way to sustain a note. It
    Winslow> also gives you the best tone and the most control.

It's me again. I just want to get a bit clearer on the two breathing
techniques I've tried. What I called 'breathing' is breathing almost
normally through the harp. What i meant with 'sucking' was not really
sucking with the mouth (I'm sorry, I can see now that I didn't make
myself very clear on this point). It's more like sucking with my
lungs. The difference appear when I try to keep my nose closed, my
cheeks get rather tensed, and it feels somewhat like sucking on a
straw, but with my lungs.

Karl ones more

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