Just want to remind all who may be interested that Charlie Musselwhite will
be appearing on the CBS Sunday Morning Show with Charles Osgood on Dec 11 -
one week from tomorrow.  A press release issued by Morrow Management, dated
Nov 30, confirms same.  Charlie is managed by Kevin Morrow, who also handles
all the bookings for House of Blues - Hollywood.  Check your local TV
listings for time - early Sunday morning.  Charlie will also be appearing in
the Los Angeles area several times in January - details later.  His European
tour went great - he especially enjoyed the shows in Spain - and his wife
Henrietta was able to accompany him on the tour.

Back on Oct 16 in Digest #212, Tom Colvin and Hugh Messenger talked about the
HarpMaster Amp, and I assumed it was the same as I had recently received
literature on.  However, I found the literature in my file today, and noted
that it was not the same after all.  My flier describes a new amp designed
specifically for the harmonica, called the JMS Harmonica, made in Sweden.  Al
Eichler of AHN had sent me the flier, but I haven't heard anything more on it
since.  It looks interesting, and they also offer a similar guitar amp.  If
there is any interest expressed, I will be glad to post the specs and mfr
info.  There is also a new harp amp made in Japan currently being
player-tested there - I will get that info as well if anyone is interested.

Going to the Palomino Club in N Hollywood tonight for a benefit show for
Children With Aids, hosted by Sharonmarie Fisher and her Women In Country.
 Last year's show featured Delbert McClinton, Robbie Krieger (Doors), John
Juke Logan (Roseanne Show), Rick Vito (Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac), Skip Van
Winkle, and Lee Oskar.  The final jam with all those guys was something to
see.  Juke Logan will be acting M.C. again tonight, but I don't know who else
is scheduled.  Lee won't be able to make it, as he is in the studio for the
final mix on his newest recording.

Speaking of that, I have heard several of the unmixed versions as they
evolved, and I think Lee's got a hit on his hands.  All the musicians are
top-rate players, and the sound and excitement of a "live" recording is
overwhelming.  I may be prejudiced, but I don't think I am over-estimating
the potential.  Lee is also contracted for two more albums in the very near
future, so he is very excited about that.  Details as they become available.

Got to run -         BassHarp

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