breathing or sucking?

to all you harp-gurus (compared to me, that's (almost?) all of you!
~8^) )

I have been playing the harp for some months now, but not very
frequently I'm afraid. One of the things I'm trying is (of course) to
bend notes.

Sometimes, this actually succeeds, but I have no control. Sometimes it
hisses, and almost every time it's kind of damped.

I have been experimenting with my blowing and drawing technique. From
playing the trumpet for several years (I stopped playing some time
ago) I know that blowing technique is everything. Now I'm not sure how
I'm supposed to blow and draw when playing harp. Is it like
'breathing' through the harp or more like 'sucking' (on draw-notes) as
through a straw?  When 'breathing' I get a clear tone, but can't bend,
and when 'sucking' I can bend but have problems getting a clear unbent


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