Re: HARP-L Digest V94 #253

Hugh wrote:

>At  9:05 PM 12/1/94 -0500, Rusty Smith, MACC wrote:
>>Now I am trying to
>>decide between a Hering 501/48 or Hohner CX-12.
>The Hering.  No doubt at all in my mind.  Blows the CX-12 away all round.

...And I agree. I'm no "pro", I just play for fun, but I like my 501/48 much
better than my Super 64. The mouthpiece is narrow and high, much easier on
the mouth than any of the big Hohner chromatics, and the slide is *smooth*!
It's a very nice harp, and about half the cost of the CX-12, which IMHO is
the most overpriced instrument in the industry.

Keep on tootin'!

The Ghost of the Harp-L

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