Buddy Guy on the Jon Stewart Show

Hi Folks,

I haven't been posting much lately...I've been spending most of my
free time rooting through the World Wide Web, stock-piling info and
cool links for the Harp-L Home page which is in the working.

BTW, I'd still like more input on the Harp-L logos (all of which are
in the gopher except for those done by Rod Thomas...and they WILL be
in there by Monday, I promise).

Anyway, Buddy Guy was on the Jon Stewart Show just a few minutes ago.

I had never heard him play or heard much about him.  He had two other
guitar players (although one or both might have been a bass, I didn't
really look), one drummer and Buddy played the guitar.

NO harp...MAJOR disappointment to me.  But I sat there and listened to
it anyway, because "Hey, it's the blues."

No offense to any Buddy Guy fans, but I thought he was pretty "blah". 
I'm not really a guitar enthusiast, but I know what I like, and his
playing wasn't it.  And his singing...well, I don't know if that is
how he always sounds, but...I wasn't impressed with that either.

Pretty disappointing (to me at least).  But what's life without a
little disappointment.  #:)

One more thing on the WWW Home Page:  It is NOT ready to go yet...and
will not be ready for a while.  Although I cannot say how long "a
while" is, I can say that it WILL be worth the wait (IMHO).  #:)

Damn, one MORE thing.  If you are using something like Mosaic, Cello,
or some other FULLY Graphics Capable World Wide Web (WWW) browser then
you NEED to try NETSCAPE.  It is the new Mosaic from MCOM.

I don't know ALL of the details, but NCSA Mosaic is no more, it is now

Right now NETSCAPE is only in the Beta Test version, but it kicks ass. 
It supports the purposed HTML version 2.0 extensions, which include
things like scalable fonts and more alignment commands for text and
pictures.  I REALLY like it's features and that is how I am basing the
Harp Home page.

If you don't have NETSCAPE or something else that will do the HTML 2.0
stuff, it doesn't really matter; they will simply ignore the 2.0 code,
but man it looks SO much cooler with that 2.0 code via NETSCAPE.

Ok...I'll shut up now.

If anyone has any questions about NETSCAPE, HTML, or the Harp Home
Page, please let me know.

ps - Buddy Guy just ended the Jon Stewart show with another song . . .
     and I am still NOT impressed.

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