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At 11:43 AM 12/2/94 Randy Lilleston, ref. Paul R. Goulden wrote:

>  I like Golden Melodys but they always sounded muddier to me than
>Special 20s and don't punch through a band as well.

These are supposed to have the same reed plate & plastic comb, but I
thought the equal tuning would generally punch thru better because of the
sharper tuned reeds of the GM (equal) vs  the S20 (just). Same with
Oskar's.  Must be the shape of the covers.  Many people tune them up to
441-443 to brighten their world.  I like 'em both well enuff for air
tightness, ergonomics.  But some days I like a Jaguar over a Strat :-)
Other connoisseurs have indicated their preferences recently.  At $13-$20
USD or so, I would still not put either in the 'cheapie' category (eg.
modular are less expensive).

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Harv                haandruss@xxxxxxx

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