Re: new buy...

On Fri, 2 Dec 1994, Paul R. Goulden wrote:

> hi,
> Just thought i'd let you all know that I bought my first Golden Melody 
> today. I have one Suzuki ( now valveless and plays like a dream and not a 
> heap of dingo's kidneys ) and all the rest were Special 20's. The Golden 
> Melody has a great tone and feels good in the hands. I can recommend them 
> to anyone considering buying their next 'cheapie'.

  I like Golden Melodys but they always sounded muddier to me than 
Special 20s and don't punch through a band as well. And the older ones 
definitely sound better than the newer ones. I have a 5-year-old 
Golden Melody in B that I absolutely love, and despite the rust on its 
cover plates, I still use it at gigs all the time. The new ones can't 
touch it. (BTW, I think the older special 20s sound better than the newer 
ones, too).

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