Re: Feedback/Super Reverb

>A Super Reverb is not the same as a 4-10 Bassman.  The circuit is not the 
>same.  The Silverface Supers use a different biasing system for the 
>preamp.  The speakers aren't alnico 5 and therefore sound radically 
>different than the later ceramic Jensens.  The output transformer is a 
>plastic bobbin type and much less efficent than the older Triad types 
>used in the Bassman.  The reverb exaccerbates feedback problems.  The EQ 
>on the tone controls isn't the same.  The Super lacks a presence 
>circuit.  Presence gives you bite without feedback.  To compare the 2 
>amplifiers directly is unfair and misleading.  A Bassman at 3 is 
>seriously loud.  That's not true of a Concert another 4-10 Fender 
>amplifier of the same era.  I don't own a Super so I can't say for sure 
>but I expect that they're more like the Concerts than the Bassman.  The 
>only thing you could say about the 3 amplifiers is that they're all 
>4-10's made by Fender.  FJM
I'm sorry, but the comparison was made as a "ballpark" comparison.  If you want
me to get the schematic out and compare the two, I'll find a few hundred other 
differences as well. The Bassman and Super Reverb are both 4x10" amps that 
operate at about the same power and disperse the sound over a very wide area
(due to the 4 speakers as opposed to amps like a Deluxe which has only one 
speaker and less dispersion).  I will still stand by my original point that if you are playing
a Fender Super Reverb just short of feedback, then you are playing damn loud!
If you can't hear yourself on stage when you're playing that loud then you better
get yourself some hearing protection or you won't be hearing much of anything
in short order.
The advice on the parametric EQ that somebody gave was very good and I should
 have thought of that first, as opposed to graphic.  With the parametric EQ, you have 
the flexibility of notching the offending frequency with great precision (narrow frquency
band rejection) much narrower than 1/3 octave as in a 31 band or much narrower than 
a 10 band.

Bernie Clarke
"Don't start me to talkin', I'll tell everything I know" - SBWII

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