re: Traditional

Karl - As far as I know, Music Sales distribute worldwide. If their
stuff is hard to get in Sweden, you could order direct, or (I hope) 
from Norman or Kevin, both of whom carry Music Sales material.

Michael -
This year's titles are: "Blues for Harmonica"
			"Jazz for Harmonica"
			"Rhythm & Blues for Harmonica"
			"Rock for Harmonica"
			and (would you believe??) 
			"Rolling Stones for Harmonica"
Each contains around 35 tunes, mainly arranged for diatonic, though
there are some tunes for chromatic in each one as well. I tried to get
some bend-free melodies into each one, as well as some real jaw
crackers, so that there should be a good learning curve through each
one. Don't be misled by the titles - the blues one is very much the
jazzy end of things, and the R&B one contains plenty of what I would
describe as country blues - Big Bill Broonzy, Robert Johnson etc. All
are in top line, chords & numbers & arrows format. As for price, I
don't know, yet - I have to contact them next week anyway, and I'll try
to get more info then.

Steve Jennings,
Editor, Harmonica World

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