Chromatic purchase advice

I am looking for some pointers on a chromatic purchase. Basically I am
an acoustic guitar player who played a little diatonic blues 25 years
ago. Got interested in the harp again and bought a Marine Band, then
a Special 20 and then some Lee Oskars. For whatever reason I find the
Lee Oskars best for my techniqe and breath contol. From this group
I found out about Farrell and Co. and just got a catalog. Before
getting it I thought a Hohner 270 was what I wanted. Now I am trying to
decide between a Hering 501/48 or Hohner CX-12. I have been using
Phil Duncan's Jazz Harp book with the diatonic and now want to move
forward with a chromatic. I would like to learn scales, arpeggios etc.
as well as a variety of songs. Ideas for a chromatic to start with
are welcome. Also this list has been a great resource and inspiration.
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