Re: technical question

Find a pair of tweezers and just pull off the windsavers. This won't hurt 
the harp and will enable you to get the overblows if you want them....

-Chris Michalek

On Wed, 30 Nov 1994, Paul R. Goulden wrote:

> hi there,
> I don't know if anyone else out there has had this experience, but here 
> goes anyway. About a year ago I bought a Suzuki all metal diatonic harp.
> The only ones I could get my hands on were the valved ones. The valves 
> consist of six plastic flaps in holes 1 to 6 which close over the draw 
> reed enabling you to blow bend easily on holes 1 to 6.
> The drawback I have noticed is that you can't play fast runs as the reeds 
> tend to slow down the time it takes for a note to sound. You also have to 
> put up with this clicking noise when they hit down on the bottom reed 
> plate. Gets very annoying.
> Does anyone know if these reeds can be removed 'properly' - Yes that's 
> right I don't mean get some pliers and pull on them until they part 
> company with the rest of the harp !
> It would make the harp much more playable in my opinion and i'd probably 
> pick it up more often. The old Special 20 is on it's last legs......
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul.

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