Re: protect yer eerz was Feedback Problems

  Although I would like to play at "blusey" levels that a lot of the 
folks on this list are accoustomed to, that isn't always possible.  I 
sympathsize with the poster who needs MORE VOLUME.  The rock n' roll band 
I play in plays loud and distorted.  It takes a lot to cut through all of 
that.  Consider that at our practice studio I plug into the Marshall 900
stack they got there (50W, 4x12" !!) and its just barely enough.  

  I also notice that when you are at the edge of feedback you have to be 
careful of what part of the harp you are playing.  The low octave is hard 
to get through and the third octave of the diatonic can sometimes be 
piercing.  I try to boost and reduce, respectively, with the three 
channel EQ, but it doesn't always do the job.


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