Re: protect yer eerz was Feedback Problems

>I checked the archives for helpful hints on controling feedback but aside from
>the mention of a noise gate, I did not find anything that would solve my
>problem. I am aware of the inherent difficulties with high impedence
>microphones and old tube amps but I thought if I described my rig, someone on
>the list may have a suggestion.
>I am currently playing with a SURE silver bullet microphone (late 50's) which
>I believe has a controlled reluctance element. My amp is a 1970 Fender Super
>Reverb (original parts and speakers). I have the Mid and Treble at about 5.5
>and the Bass at 10, Reverb at 3.25 and speed and intensity at 0. I can only
>turn my volume to about 3 before I start encountering feedback problems. 
>I have played with traditional blues bands in the past and this was more than
>enough volume, but I am playing with some college students now who like it
>loud, REAL LOUD. Our guitarist suggests that I mic my amp, but the whole 
>reason I payed big bucks for the Super is to avoid having to mic it. I have
>tried positioning the amp in different areas when we play and also have
>experimented with my own position relative to the amp - nothing seems to help.
>Any suggestions? 
BUY EARPLUGS!  You can get a small 10 band EQ, but that will affect your
tone, possibly in a way that you will not like.  I will say that if you are playing 
a Super to the feedback point and it is still not enough you're not going to have too
many places to play.  Virtually every club that I play, if I were to crank my 4X10 
Bassman up to the point of it feeding back (similar amp configuration).  The 
good customers would be running for the doors with their ears ringing for weeks.
Another consideration is for your own hearing.  I don't play that loud, but after a
several years of playing out, the doc says I have some hearing loss, so I will
continue to lower the volume levels of the band.  I like playing quieter anyways,
you can hear each other much better and can make much more of the dynamics of
the music!

>Thanks in advance,

Bernie Clarke
"Don't start me to talkin', I'll tell everything I know" - SBWII

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