Re: Feedback Problems

Try a parametric EQ.  It's probably just one frequency that's feeding 
back.  Find it and eliminate the offender.  I'm assuming this is a 
non-master Super.  If you did have the master volume you could get your 
gain from master and that would help.  Destroys the tone though.  The 
other thing you could try is rolling the treble down to 2 so that it's 
just on.  Anything less than 2 on Fenders is off.  Turn the middle up and 
see what happens.  Do you have the bright switch on?  Try it with out 
it.  The other thing that really affects feedback is the room you're 
playing in.  If it's small low ceilings you'll never get the feedback to 
go away.  I used 2 play 2 nights a week in the same bar and had no 
problem with feedback until the bar owner started building things in the 
room we played in.  Every time we came in something had changed.  I'd 
finally figure out how to posistion my amp and he'd build something 
else.  Six inches to the right or left can make a big difference.  the 
number of bodies in the room can change the acoustics enought to cause 
feedback to appear and disappear.  This extreme sensitivity to minimal 
changes of course comes at the upper end of playing volumes.  FJM

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