Feedback Problems

I checked the archives for helpful hints on controling feedback but aside from
the mention of a noise gate, I did not find anything that would solve my
problem. I am aware of the inherent difficulties with high impedence
microphones and old tube amps but I thought if I described my rig, someone on
the list may have a suggestion.

I am currently playing with a SURE silver bullet microphone (late 50's) which
I believe has a controlled reluctance element. My amp is a 1970 Fender Super
Reverb (original parts and speakers). I have the Mid and Treble at about 5.5
and the Bass at 10, Reverb at 3.25 and speed and intensity at 0. I can only
turn my volume to about 3 before I start encountering feedback problems. 
I have played with traditional blues bands in the past and this was more than
enough volume, but I am playing with some college students now who like it
loud, REAL LOUD. Our guitarist suggests that I mic my amp, but the whole 
reason I payed big bucks for the Super is to avoid having to mic it. I have
tried positioning the amp in different areas when we play and also have
experimented with my own position relative to the amp - nothing seems to help.
Any suggestions? 

Thanks in advance,


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