Re: John Brim

>Do you mean Super Blues?

I think that's what it was called. My records aren't hear so I can't say
off hand. I said "pathetic(relatively speaking)" meaning it didn't hold a
candle to his earlier stuff.

>South rim gig sounds good.  You were playing harmonica?  Context please.

Yes of course. I was part of an accoustic dua that played at the Bright
Angel Lodge. 100 yards from the edge of the canyon. Was wonderful. We mixed
it up a lot which was most fun. From Hank Williams to Joe Jackson to Nanci
Griffith to J. Geils to Beatles to Little Walter to etc. Wish I was there

>I am a major Walter Horton fan.  Much of his recorded output is less than
>>exemplaray, but I've come to love it all because it provides inbsighjt into
>the >total context of his playing.  A good example of this is the stuff on
>Fleetwood >Mac Chicago.  The liner notes describe Walter's playing as
>undistinguished.  >Far from it.

That's an album few people know about. That's some of my favorite stuff
that Big Walter did. In mentioning that album people, I've had people ask
me if Stevie Nicks played on that album. If you like Big Walter, you need
to make friends with Flackman. He has Big Walter video, and may dub it off
for you. It's a little boring at times but interesting and a necessity for
a Big Walter collector.

Rick B.

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