Re: Chord (another digression)

>> There are two styles of chord layouts which Hohner has produced though
>> the years +/- a couple of years is before and after 1940.  The "new"
>Actually there are three chord models that Hohner has produced.  The other
>one is an Al Fiorie model where all the chords are (I think) 1st
>inversion.  this is done to give the chord a deeper, richer sound.  Al 
>used it on many of the Harmonicat recordings.  Don Allen has one and let
>me play on it.  Wow sounds better than any other chord harmonica I have
>heard.  Don Allen uses this on a regular basis and I believe he may have
>another one for sale.(Contact me for more info on this)
>-Chris Michalek

Chris is correct here, however, this instrument was never made available
to the public. The only ones out are the ones in which Al himself had
given or sold.


George W. Miklas, bass harmonicist, Jerry Murad's Harmonicats

"Three G's and an Eb...who would think that these 4 notes would 
be the theme of a major symphoic work?"  Arthur G. Spiro, Ph.D.

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