Eb chromatic; chord layout

========Eb chromatic

FJM asked again:

>Why does Farrel offer the Eb 270?  What does it make 

I always presumed it was to make it easier to play straight in the flat
keys of other reed instruments, or maybe F 3rd position/dorian (?).  It may
also be useful since (as you know) lots of guitar based R&B/blues/rock
bands play(ed) in dropped Eb also (Myafield, Brown, SRV, Hendrix, etc.). 
Talk to your buddy and let us know ;)


Hohner faxed me two pages from their _The Professional "Chord" Harmonica_.
Thanks to George and Winslow for humoring me on just a curiosity. I think
it's interesting :) Hohner labels them per Georges last post for the bottom
draw augmented chords (Bb+ and E+ in line with their respective minor blow

Three side notes.  

1.  The major and minor chords are triads with the root doubled (not maj7
nor min7).

2. No inversions as-is.   

3.  By straddling two chords it appears you can 'make' more, eg. with CEGC
for C and GBDG for G, you could get your C maj7 with the 5th doubled, and
you could get C maj7 add 9, but I don't know how useful this kind of thing
would actually be, or if it's used much.  

Mr. B. was correct -- they go for $1295 retail and are in-stock :)  

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Harv                      *Opinions my own*

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